It’s odd what we get used to

Everybody knows that you really shouldn’t toss your litter out on the street. I mean, how hard is it to just put it on your pocket or hang on to it until you see a convenient garbage can.

Yet smokers think nothing of tossing their butts out their windows or casually flicking them onto the sidewalk. Even worse, when they have a full ashtray, they seem to have little compunction about simply dumping the whole mess for others to have to step over or otherwise deal with.

While I think this is probably not the best solution, I did smile when I read this. | Montreal’s ‘Cigarette Butt Hero’ gains YouTube fame

If the article is no longer available, hopefully you can see the YouTube video:

One thought on “It’s odd what we get used to”

  1. Kudos to someone finally doing something about people who litter the streets. Twice as nice since it’s a smoker. Often wondered what would happen if the trash they thoughtlessly discard was shoved back at them … or better shoved down their throats! That’ll be the next YouTube video, or one can only hope!

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