NASA zero-g experiments with water and air

It’s staggering how localized our experiences are in the context of the universe. Our expectations and perceptual experiences are so contingent on the Earth’s milieu that anything else seems far-fetched and surreal (which, I suppose, it is…).

I believe that a lot of the moon hoax proponents suffer from this as well. Certainly anybody creating science fiction movies has to cater to this somewhat limited view of reality.

2001: A Space Odyssey was one of the very few movies to try to express off-earth experience in a fairly realistic way. Space is… well… slow, quiet and inexorable. But it is also staggeringly fascinating and provides opportunities for artistic and inventive creativity that we can still only dimly grasp.

In this clip below from YouTube, the water droplets bouncing around inside an air bubble inside a larger water sphere offer a hint of this potential. The Antacid tablet in a water sphere following that is just simply cool. 🙂

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