Simulation of 100 mile diameter Asteroid hitting the earth

*Updated 2007 03 17* Since figuring out how to embed videos into these posts I’m updating some of my favorites so they include this technology.

Ever wonder what it would look like if a “planet killer” sized asteroid impacted the Earth?

Well, wonder no more (be prepared, it is about 7 minutes long). It may seem a little depressing, and definitely scary. But it should serve as a reminder about exactly why we might want to continue to expand out into the solar system and, ultimately, the rest of the galaxy.

One thought on “Simulation of 100 mile diameter Asteroid hitting the earth”

  1. Actually this simulation is of 500 km wide asteroid hitting the earth not 100 miles. In this simulation it shows how all the oceans of the world would evaporate. In 100 mile asteroid there is just not enough energy to accomplish this task.

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