The A to Z Guide to Political Interference in Science

You know, for such an open and free society, our government sure does some questionable things. Thankfully we *are* free enough to watchdog this sort of behavior. Now if we can just be motivated enough about it come election time to express our opinion then maybe we can show these Luddites that we won’t tolerate them constantly monkeying with our perception of reality.

I’m not particularly politically inclined, I recognize that all politicians and political groups are package deals – you are stuck taking the bad with the good. I suppose we just need to decide for ourselves what we consider “good enough” to be willing to accept the accompanying downsides and take the time to know what each of these guys brings to the table when we step behind that little curtain to cast our votes.

I spotted this in the Bad Astronomy blog. From the Union of Concerned Scientists, “The A to Z Guide to Political Interference in Science“.

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