Wine Tasting (from July, 2006)

We got some friends together to do a wine tasting party while in Toronto this past July. The theme was *supposed* to be “Canadian Shiraz’s”. But *some* folks didn’t read their email and we had a slightly broader Spectrum.

The wines sampled were “Naked Grape (Unoaked)” (Canadian), “Jackson-Triggs Proprietor’s Selection” (Canadian) and “Paringa – 2003” (Australian).


I personally was unable to render a quantitative distinction between the wines but ultimately I rated them, from favorite to less-so: Naked Grape, Paringa, Jackson-Triggs.

Mich’s ratings were: Jackson-Triggs and the other two tied for second place.

As a group (myself not included as I was doing the poll taking) we blindly re-tasted the wines and:

3 of the 5 chose Paringa as the favorite (one vote each for the other two), then for second place Naked Grape won 3 votes, Paringa second and no votes for Jackson-Triggs. Finally 4 folks chose Jackson triggs as their third choice with one person choosing Naked Grape for this honor.



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