The Flying Spaghetti Monster


A little fun and a lot of thinking should go into consideration of “The Flying Spaghetti Monster” alternative theory of creationism.

Wikipedia’s explanation is here.

When folks start taking things a little too seriously, a parody is usually good for gaining a little perspective on things. Religion is no different. While obviously tongue-in-cheek it is just as difficult to “prove” that The Flying Spaghetti Monster does not exist as it is to disprove the existence of any other diety – i.e. impossible.
You may seek to dismiss it out of hand but remember, other religions were viewed as upstarts and nutty when they were first conceived. Time, more than anything else, is what gives them credibility…

Who knows what the future holds for the pastafarians. Some day we may all be sitting around saying grace ending with “RAmen”.

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