Hallowe’en Costume for Mich’s office party

Mich’s office is having a hallowe’en party next month. We’re having some problems trying to decide on what to wear.


Some of the costumes from last year were pretty cool (and some quite elaborate). To the left is a link to the gallery for that party. We went as “The Matrix”‘s Neo and Trinity.


Mich is tending towards something slapstick/humorous while I’m tending towards something maybe more statement oriented (or sexy for Mich with me acting the foil).

BTW, based on last years pictures, I think Mich looks quite fetching with black hair. Opinions?

3 thoughts on “Hallowe’en Costume for Mich’s office party”

  1. Ok, here’s my thing.
    I would like to be a character that I can have some fun with. ie the Spartans from Saturday Night Live or Starsky & Hutch or a Fembot from Austin Powers.
    I respect the fact that Marc doesn’t want to “look silly” but isn’t there a set of characters out there where I can be funny and Marc can be the cool dude or the “foil” not tin….

  2. It’s not so much that I’m worried that *I’ll* look funny. I’m kinda funny looking anyway. I just think that I’d rather you look more like Trinity and less like bozo when we go out…

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