Jeep Thoughts

I saw a picture of my old jeep pop up on my screensaver and thought I’d post a few pictures of it as a tribute. I only had the jeep for a couple of years, but I did enjoy it.

It also made me appreciate my Honda cars a lot more too! 🙂

These are pictures of Mich and I on one of the North Georgia mountains on a fun weekend trip.

Overly somber pose by me travelling through one of Georgia’s towns

Wisteria hunting with Mich so she could take pictures. You don’t see her in any of these since she insisted on taking all the photos!

Here we were out doing a “pre-jeeping” trip on Rich Mountain with a fellow called Jay Bird who was introducing us to a local jeeping club. Yes, that’s mud and water and yes, we had to keep our feet on the drain holes in the floorboard to keep the water from pouring in!

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