GREAT Blue Angels Flight movie

One of the podcasts that I really enjoy is The PilotCast. If you enjoy hangar talk but can’t get to your local airport to hang out and chat with the locals, this is a great resource.

This movie looks to me like the most realistic portrayal of what you’ll experience riding along with the Blue Angels that I’ve ever seen. No fancy music, some editing to cut out the long spaces where nothing is really happening and the flight in all of its glory!

There is a lot of romance associated with fighter jet flying. And if you’re young and fit it’s probably all smooth sailing. This video confirms the numerous written accounts that I’ve read that you *really* don’t want to eat a hearty breakfast before you head out.

Even with the brief periods of unconsciousness and the possibility of needing to use an emesis bag. That would still be a small price to pay for that thrill of a lifetime.

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