Lenovo X41 Tablet PC Purchase

I finally had to break down and pick up one of these fine machines. I’ve been itching to get one for a while now.

Since the IBM (now Lenovo for the laptops) site is ever changing – I’m not sure that I’ve ever managed to find the same page more than once – I’ve copied the spec sheet onto my own website and you can view it here.

The tablet PC format sold me right off the bat, but there are a lot of them out there. This one is very light, about 4+ pounds with the 8 cell battery attached. The battery is *supposed* to give up to 6.5 hours of working time – we’ll see. But it should be much better than the 2+ that I am used to with laptops.

Also slick is the integrated biometric fingerprint reader to unlock the machine and to supply passwords to various applications.

Here is some more info on the x41.

Take a peek and tell me what you think.

6 thoughts on “Lenovo X41 Tablet PC Purchase”

  1. Slick is right! What’s the next upgrade for this thing, voice control? In the meantime, better keep track of where you keep your fingerprint.

  2. Don’t laugh, “Dragon Dictate” is an option for most of the Thinkpad line!

    Ironically, the day before I bought this, I slashed my index finger with a razor blade (my bad – cleaning the aquarium) and had some tape and gauze covering my fingerprint. Made me wonder exactly how risky such technologies can be if you didn’t have the “old” way of manually typing in your passwords as a backup..

  3. You know the vaguaries of IBM and Online ordering in general. The Spec’s page tells me availability is within two weeks. But who knows what that *really* means. There were delays of 6-12 weeks back in June or July when I started looking at these machines.

    Checking the order status only tells me that they’re still “packing” it.

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