Wolf Camera Digital Photo Printing

Since I like to use my computer for almost all things entertainment, and since my focus has been on importing into rather than exporting photos from my PC I haven’t done a lot of photo printing since the prices became reasonable.

Today we wanted to print some photos and send them to my Grandmother who does not frequent the internet. We picked 10 pictures, uploaded them to Wolf Camera’s website (run by RitzPix.com) and then prepaid a whole $3 to have them printed at a local store. We then went out to lunch at one of our local Panera Bread Restaurants and then swung by Wolf Camera and picked them up. I can’t believe how handy this is!
*Much* cheaper than buying a photo-capable printer and, for the minuscule volume that I intend to print, very cost effective too.

As an aside, the last I heard, Panera Bread was claiming to have the largest network of wireless hotspots in the United States. I would have guessed that some place like Starbucks would hold that title.

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  1. Yes, I’m not 100% sure what the cost is though. The site implies that it may be as much as 10 cents per print. Which is still pretty good.

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