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This from King:

Are you aware of a program that will handle the following:
I would like a program that will maintain the ‘frequently entered things’
on my PC. Examples, email addresses (since for different reasons, I use
MR/2 for some mail, Evite, Hotmail, Yahoo mail), Idents and passwords to various web sites, and perhaps even favorite web addresses. I would like to be able to invoke this program easily, select the info I want to have entered and have the program past it into where my cursor is sitting.

I would also like to have this program small, and not require ‘installing’, so that it could be put on a floppy disk, or memory card and used at any PC, and when I’m finished with it, be able to shut it down, and remove the media it is stored on, and thus, not have the passwords on the machine at all.

Encryption for the data would be ‘nice’ but for my use, not a requirement.

In response:

For frequently used items I use a little software product called Clipomatic. It does require installation so it may not be what you are looking for. But it provides two facets I find useful – one is a definable buffer for the last x number of entries that you’ve had in your clipboard. The other is a permanent buffer of frequently used items. I keep my email address and my physical address as well as a couple of other things that I’m typing all the time in there.
It’s a little buggy in that once the clipboard buffer fills I find I need to purge it in order to have it continue to store new clipboard items, but if I’m planning to do some complex cutting and pasting, I just purge the cache (easy to do) and I’m off.

There are a couple of products I have seen that will securely store and enter frequently needed stuff for you. If you use IE, Symantec has a PC vault program (included as part of systemworks) that did a passable job. Of course the now famous Gator program used to do that (and steal your info as well!).

Mozilla’s FireFox browser, which I use primarily, has a very good userid/password system that remembers the vast majority of them for me. But I do lock my PC account so that’s what keeps it secure for me.

Finally, I use ewallet software (by Ilium) which encrypts my financial account #’s and web userids and passwords and allows me to access them from my iPaq. It has a desktop companion with which it synchs that is pretty intelligent. You still have to do a copy and paste but you hover over the thing you want to copy and it’s context sensitive (i.e. “copy credit card number”, “copy password”).

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