Google Maps and Satellite images

Google has gone and done it again. Check out Google Maps and put in your address and find your home. Now click the "Satellite" link in the upper right-hand corner. My jaw dropped when I zoomed in and could clearly see my house in living color!

And for you Canucks out there, it works for you too. I just tried my old address back in Georgetown, Ontario which was just as clear. Interestingly, my Etobicoke address was modestly visible (read "blurry") at the default zoom so I couldn’t zoom on that. I guess we know where Toronto rates on the ol’ satellite image priority list! 🙂

3 thoughts on “Google Maps and Satellite images”

  1. The ‘Keyhole’ service gives even better views. I’ll email you (mark) with what is shows for my street.


  2. Have you seen the new addition of a ‘Hybrid’ image which overlays the satellite picture with major roads? It also identifies highways and street names and parks. It sure helps to home in on your location without having to flip back and forth between the Map and Satellite views.

  3. What impresses me so much about the Hybrid mode is the accuracy. Prior to adding that new mode, you could see a “shift” in the streets when you bounced between satellite and map modes. The hybrid mode is pretty much spot-on. I don’t know how they’ve done it but, for the areas I’ve perused so far, the mapped streets are within feet of those on the satellite images.

    I had google maps give me directions from some random place to where I work and was extra-impressed that it even chose the correct side of a divided road on which to overlay the route line!

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