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All you ladies out there. How many pairs of shoes do you have? I’m talking just shoes. You don’t need to count boots. But shoes, sandals, beach shoes, shoes for buying shoes anything that you would class as shoes.

Mich has about 41 pairs of shoes and I’m trying to figure out if this is normal or if I have another Imelda Marcos on my hands.

Please leave a comment and let me know how many shoes you have in your closets and around your home. Any shoe that isn’t actually in the trash can counts! 🙂

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  1. Hello there. I’m no lady, but I counted 25 pairs of shoes (a total of 50 individual shoes…although I didn’t actually count 50 total. I just multiplied 25 by 2 on the assumption that there are almost always 2 shoes in each pair of shoes – some of us guvment employees are OK with complex math and logic like that.)

    I would suggest that 41 pairs of shoes would be a minimum for a true lady to conduct an active social schedule…is there an issue here?!

  2. Sounds pretty normal to me. I count 40 in my own closets, 41 if you count my sport specific curling shoes. Nothing stays in style long enough to wear out anymore and I can’t bear to throw away good shoes. I also have boots but did not include those in the count.

  3. 41 PAIRS!!! That’s just this year’s total, right? Are you building an addition to accomodate them?

    Since I don’t have the shopping gene in my DNA, I have in my possession but ten pairs, which includes three “specialty” pairs (but then again, I’m sure most women would argue that every pair of shoes is a “specialty pair”…). The tally:
    – dress black
    – dress brown
    – casual brown
    – clogs
    – sneakers (tennis / cycling / anything else)
    – gardening (i.e. not fit for public viewing)
    – gym (i.e. dead tennis shoes, still suitable for indoor use)
    – curling
    – golf
    – baseball cleats

  4. This question reminds me of my days in Online Services, when Canda Life sent the esthetics police around to inspect work areas, and ensure that all the standards were followed. (i.e. nothing over a certian height, etc).

    Well on this particular inspection, one of ‘failures’ was that Kathie Rutter had (I believe) 10 pairs of shoes at her desk. What bugged Kathie was that at the same time, I had 13 pairs under my desk, and was not reported.

    So, if two ‘normal’ canadians keep that many in the office, it would seem to me that if you poor wife only has 41 pairs (not 41 spring shoes, with the summer, fall and winter ones in storage) then you are taking that saying ‘barefoot and pregant’ far too seriously.


  5. Well, I haven’t counted our shoes but we (3 adults) have an outdoor only shoe shelf work that is 4 feet wide and 9 feet high with 12 shelfs. This gives us space for approx. 70 pairs of shoes and boots. It is filled and each of us has an additional 2-3 pairs for inside use (slippers, exercise shoes, etc.

    I think I probably contribute a full third to this households shoe count.


  6. I counted only 20 pairs of shoes (half of which I don’t wear anymore), including runners, but excluding boots. Does that mean I’m not a real woman? Or don’t have a social life? Oh no!

  7. Wow! I have to say that “the people have spoken”. Here I thought I was outrageous having 16 pairs of shoes. Apparently Imelda, far from being a terrible example, is actually an icon worth aspiring to! We went ahead and bought pair number 42 for Mich this afternoon. Perhaps we can get up to one pair/wk!

    From Mike’s comments, maybe Mich has too many social engagements and that’s why she has so many shoes?

    Linda, throw away those shoes!

    Ace… Clogs?

    King, which of your shoes went with your plaid sports coat?

    Hmmmm.. Kim, 70 shoes, but as your sharing it with 2 ladies, you think you may have fully 1/3 of the shoes out there? I’d say that’s equivalent to throwing down the gauntlet and challenging them to reassert the status quo. If I were you I’d get to work on a new set of shelves. 🙂

    Karen, chuck those shoes you don’t wear any more and get some dancing shoes!

  8. OK, before I counted, I estimated around 25. The total, after counting, was 47. Of course, two pairs were shoes I wore in weddings about 20 years ago. I am sure I will need them one day – for example, when my future granddaughters visit and want to play dress up. And, I broke the rules, as I included boots in the total. However, in my humble opinion, boots are as much a part of a ladies wardrobe as any other shoe. I have a pair of hiking/work boots. And then there is the pair of high-heeled ankle boots for dressier occassions, and the pair of low-heeled knee high boots to wear with longer skirts. Finally, the boots that are present in a true Southern girl’s wardrobe – an awesome pair of Cowboy boots!

  9. How do you know dancing shoes aren’t already part of the collection?

    You’ve raised an interesting question. I’m going to ask around among my friends and co-workers to find out how many shoes they have.

    Congrats to Michelle on her recent acquisition.

  10. Carl may have only one pair (unless that pair I saw him in were rented for the night) but his new child will have 100 pairs within the first 2 years, each pair a wee bit longer than the last.

  11. lol – I suspect Carl can’t find any of his shoes ’cause they’re buried under the mountains of kiddie clothing that he must be amassing in anticipation of the new “No Doze” (aka my nephew) arrival…

  12. I think I’m tied (get it?) with Michelle – I have about 41 pairs too. Under my desk there are 6 pairs, all black. Hmmm, am I in a rut? Then there is a rainbow of shoes at home – scarlet, caramel, brown, blue, white, plaid, striped. Too bad I wore out my turquoise shoes. I really miss them!

    By the way, King – when they awarded the ‘most shoes under the desk’ award to somebody else at Canada Life, I loaded my 17 pairs, including my hockey skates, into a box and marched over to demand a recount. Alas, there is no justice.

    Anyway, I’d say Michelle needs MORE shoes! If a frugal female like me can rack up 41 pairs, a normal person should definitely have more. You go girl!

  13. Well I counted 33 pairs including boots. Guess I better get out there and start shopping for the spring collection! I have to say that it amazed me to think that I have that many shoes, until I started to count how many men’s shirts were hanging in the closet. Let’s do that count next. I counted 42, not including the ones that were in the wash already.

  14. I counted 40, however they all belong to MR Calado! I think 40 shoes qualifies Jorge to be the “assistant”. Any day that Mich wants to go shoe shopping, Jorge will be available to assist. Kudos to Mich and Jorge.

    Marc it is a normal part of life, there are shoe people, shirt people, and of course “computer people”… should I say anymore?

  15. I didn’t mention before, but the picture with the original post to this blog entry is the shoe that Mich ended up ordering and I believe that’s the color too (Sweet Pea green). So all I can say is that folks better be pretty darned impressed by this, the 42nd entry in her shoe collection!

    Hey Karen, I hope we haven’t scared your friends off. I’d love to have them weigh-in on this excessive shoe mania!

    Wendy – SHHHHH! I think the local chapter of “Dragon Lovers anonymous” might expect a sizable donation if Michelle doesn’t get wind of your shoe habits… if you know what I mean…

    Rose-Marie – I’m quite surprised – that wasn’t just the main closet was it? 😉 I rather expected a hip party girl such as yourself to be on the other end of that scale!

    Eduarda – you’ve inspired me. I’m going right to my closet now and will count the number of shirts that I own. I’m going to start a new post for this new “Affluenza” topic.

  16. Okay… I can’t believe this myself but I have counted and I ONLY have 29 pairs of shoes!!! I am in total shock… Can it be???

    In true southern fashion I have a pair of cowboy boots (that I have never worn… don’t tell the other southerners) and another pair of dress boots and hiking boots (for which I have worn… believe it or not). Now I did not include slippers which seem to be my main shoe choice while at home… which is most of the days now since I am home with Parker…

    I will admit that 7 of those 29 were recently purchased… so, for many months I only had 22 pairs of shoes… Can this really be possible… I believe I am in serious need of retail therapy…


  17. BTW… Michelle… Love the Sweet Pea shoes… GREAT COLOR!!! And since yesterday, the count for you is now 43 with those lovely sky blue slip ons with cherries on the side… So adorable…


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