Glass Half Empty

The coolest thing about this thought voyage is finding out about This “water hammer” effect of which I was completely unaware.

Common sense really doesn’t cut it once you get past the “pointy stick near your eye” phase. We are sophisticated enough nowadays that we owe it to ourselves and those who our decisions affect to think very carefully about them. We know enough where ignorance is no longer an excuse.

What If?

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Failbook: A Picture of Mars Is Worth a 100 Grand

Awesome, simply awesome.

On a serious note, I do wonder what kind of astronomy that can be done from Mars being so much further away from the Sun as well as away from the interference that the hubub of human activity produces. I suppose if you’re going out there you might as well just stay in space and avoid the terrestrial issues of weather and day/night cycles.

FAIL Blog: Pictures and Videos of Owned, Pwnd and Fail Moments

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The Oatmeal Rules! Lawyers… the ones we hear about anyway… not so much

I’m sure you’ve already heard about this item, where the creator of “The Oatmeal” (Matthew Inman) executed a wonderful, creative and philanthropic smackdown on a small-minded stereotype-producing lawyer that had originally been retained to represent the interests of someone who was not quite above board in his handling of Intellectual Property – most notably “The Oatmeal” content published without consent.

Check out the full story here (on Philip Defranco’s site – jump to 1:08 if you’re impatient) and the final result here. Basically Matthew took an attempt to abuse our sometimes sorry legal system to not only suppress his gripes about having his work used without his permission, but to also try to extort $20,000 from him on top of that. Then the representing lawyer went hog wild and tried to sue everyone and everything associated with the debacle.

Brilliant and creative people are always such a refreshing breath of fresh air. Especially when they put the smackdown on people who epitomize all that is wrong with an archaic and badly out of touch legal system.