Putting together our *36* year-old artificial Christmas Tree

Yep, the tree is old enough that you can still see some damage where those ancient 7-Watt Christmas bulbs had melted the fake pine needles.

Michelle would much prefer to have a “real” tree.  The center pole is pretty warped and nobody would ever mistake this for the real thing but I’m pretty attached to this one and it really looks fine once it’s together.

A rare snow in Marietta

It snowed today, which is a relatively unusual event for those of us who live in the South.

It was supposed to be pretty spectacular so I thought I’d take a time lapse series of it to show how it progressed.

Well, it wasn’t all *that* spectacular, but here are the pictures nonetheless:

Click on the animation to see the individual images.

Catmas picture…

Michelle and I decided that it might be nice to have a picture of us, our 35(!) year old Christmas tree and the two cats.

Yeah, I we probably need some practice working with posed cat pictures. But I thought it looked funny, so I made an animated GIF of most of the attempts so you can see and have a laugh.

If you hold out to the end (only 52 pictures) you’ll see Maverick reappear for a single frame…

Click Here to see the picture
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Graivier Karaoke Party Pictures

DSC_0897 (1024x685)Michelle’s office party is usually a Halloween themed affair. This year they opted to make it a little different and instead set up shop at the Red Door Playhouse in Roswell for a Karaoke theme.

There were a bunch of good performances, Michelle’s was Michael Jackson’s “Thriller”. She used “Thrill the World” as the source of her dance moves and had the “Thriller” video playing behind her and 4 co-workers as they danced their horrific way through the song…

Toronto Trip pictures from July

So, I’ve *finally* figured out what I’m doing and have culled through my Toronto images from our July trip.

Please click here to check them out. I’m going to be posting them over a number of days so check out the flickr app on the left side to see if there is anything new there.

This friendly little guy is a tortoise in the Darwin exhibit that was hosted at the Royal Ontario Museum.

Canada Day Party – 2008

I’m a wee bit behind on posting some of my pictures, I’m working towards creating more satisfying pictures in addition to my normal “party snaps”. There’s a LOT to know and I’m learning as fast as I can!!

Bicep TatIn the meantime, here are some snaps from our Canada Day party. We hosted our local Canuck expats and, with a little Canadian Beer and a LOT of Canadian Paraphernalia, spent some quality time with our friends. Click on the picture to see them.