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Okay, who brought the Jell-O shots in the breakable containers?

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A Russell Peters Christmas! #Eatyourheartsout #newxmastradition

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Hmm.. What to do for lunch today?

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New Tires for the CR-V from NTB

I have a 2009 CR-V.

Yesterday I decided to replace the tires at NTB (National Tire and Battery) and elected to buy some Cooper Discoverer LSX Plus tires.

I went to register the tires on the Cooper site and found that I have 3 with one DOT code  (UP2Y 1BT 4111) and 1 with a slightly different code ( UP2Y 1BT 4211). I’m pretty sure that this is fine. It tells me that the tires were made one week apart and that they were made about 2 years ago.

What I’m concerned about though is that my receipt from NTB shows a DOT number of UP9H CL7 1513. This tells me that they are claiming to have sold me a set of tires that was made a little less than 3 months ago.

Am I going to run into issues over this? i.e. if the tires decide to pull a Michelin and fail prematurely I suspect that this will affect any pro-rating that I receive.

Any advice on how or even if I need to do anything about this?

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Back in the saddle again

I kind of dropped out of much of the social network scene with the exception of trying out Yelp! and FourSquare’s “Check-in” features. Those proved to have some value by actually providing a free dessert here or a discount there.

As for the value of living one’s life online, I see great value on sharing your escapades, trials and tribulations with your family and friends – especially those who are geographically separated from you. But I balance that with the privacy and safety of those with whom I may share time and experiences.

Not to mention the challenge of being a professional in a large company and projecting an image that is consistent not only with my current career state but also with any and every other career movement that I may make both within and possibly outside of my current place of employment. Who knows what I’ll be doing in 15 years. The only thing I know for sure is that these posts will still be available in *some* form over which I can either wax nostalgic or cringe that I thought it would be a good idea to post that publicly.

That said, forgive some dummy posts I’ll be making shortly as I test some unifying software. While facebook seems to be the primary portal for communicating with folks, it is terrible for use as a repository. I can’t find anything I liked in there or anything in the newsfeed that I thought was interesting in the past to save my life. So I’m trying to make a two-way tie between FB and my personal blog where postings in one consistently end up in the other.

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My Review of Thermo-Tex Solar Covers- In-Ground

Originally submitted at Leslie’s Pool Supplies

Thermo-Tex In-Ground Solar Cover- 5-Year Warranty The Thermo-Tex™ In-Ground Solar Cover is manufactured with THERMO-TEX™ technology, which is an additive that maximizes the blankets ability to absorb thermal energy and maintain it, providing superior light diffusion properties that enhance the sun’…

Inexpensive good quality solar cover

By marcdcmb from Marietta, GA on 6/30/2012


4out of 5

This is my first pool and first solar cover so I’m no expert. But the cost for this was a fraction of what my pool company wanted to charge me.

I really won’t know what kind of value this cover offers until I’ve had it for at least a year.

But it arrived promptly, was the right size. Was finished nicely (edges looked to be heat sealed). The cover was straightforward to cut to size.

The only issue I’m seeing is trying to get it to lie flat on the water. I’m folding it rather than rolling it onto a reel so that is likely the source of this issue. Even with my modest 12 x 28 foot pool it is a challenge for a single person to handle this cover. I see a reel in my future.. my wife’s not too enthusiastic about that.


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