How to calibrate the temperature on your iAqualink Unit


This was not obvious to me at all so I thought I would share it.

If you are finding your iAqualink unit is showing a temperature that is within 4 degrees higher or lower than your pool water actually is, you can go to Menu > System Setup > Temp Calibrate and get to a screen that looks like this one below.

Temperature Calibration Screen for iAqualink


I do not have a Spa so only the Pool is showing a valid temperature. The issue here is there is no obvious way to actually adjust the temperature and APPLY the change.

What you want to do is, with the pump running so the temperature is registering:

  • Click on the “Pool” button
  • Adjust the temperature using the arrow keys
  • Click the “Back” button until you reach the home screen again.

In about 15-20 seconds you should see the “Pool Temp” reading on the home screen adjust to the newly calibrated temperature.

This is completely counterintuitive since, to me, the “Back” button is equivalent to a “Cancel” key. “Take me out of here without changing anything”. It took over two months of going back and forth with Zodiac before I finally got a helpful person on their customer service line who could say something other than “You need to contact an authorized service company before we can do anything”.

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  1. Sharon March 20, 2017 5:14 pm

    Oh for Petes Sake!!! That is ridiculous! I went insane trying to calibrate the temp online and finally gave up. Ran across your wonderful instructions when trying a year later. How hard would it be to add an APPLY or ENTER button?!

    Thank you so much Marc for taking the time to write this for the avg person that couldn’t possibly figure this out!

  2. Jim June 14, 2017 10:10 pm

    Same as Sharon….struggled with this, was just about to buy a new sensor when I came across this posting. Thanks Marc!

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