I Vote for Mars 2016

Don’t get me wrong, I love the Olympics. But I have no illusions that it does anything positive for the economies of the hosting countries. In fact I suspect that the ultimate cost to a country of the Olympics is far, far greater than any space mission would cost if they could be bothered participating. I just get peeved when folks start trying to tell me that the Olympics (or any new stadium for that matter) will do anything but suck money out of a city.

Just be honest, these provide entertainment, not prosperity, and we can all get along..

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Glass Half Empty

The coolest thing about this thought voyage is finding out about This “water hammer” effect of which I was completely unaware.

Common sense really doesn’t cut it once you get past the “pointy stick near your eye” phase. We are sophisticated enough nowadays that we owe it to ourselves and those who our decisions affect to think very carefully about them. We know enough where ignorance is no longer an excuse.

What If?

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