2012 Home Renovations – Part 32 – Usable, final punch lists outstanding

We are down to a couple of punch lists. I need to sit down and do a final reckoning and accounting for this project. Hopefully that will be of use to anybody else thinking of embarking on a similar voyage.

Our salt system is not yet functioning – this should be rectified on Monday as well our iAqualink system is not able to do its job properly as it was not configured correctly. I’ll be working with the pool guy (Dwight) to get these items sorted out and some issues with our Fastlane. Hopefully I can get everything set up for virtually hand’s off functioning after that.

But we shocked the pool with some chlorine to make sure it is OK after sitting for a week plus with tap water in it. After that we were able to go in and try it out. The heater was able to do its job and pulled the pool up the last couple of degrees to make it really comfortable. I figure about 80 is going to be good for daytime jumping about and being refreshed and I’m guessing that 83 – 86 will be needed to make it comfortable for night use.

I’m reading through all the manuals to make sure that I understand everything there is to know about my system. I’m finding that asking questions about specifics concerning most of my equipment yield only general, and often incorrect, answers. So, as in anything else, you are your own advocate and you really want to be as expert as possible so your investment doesn’t go South on you. The information that I’m finding valuable has to do with the anecdotes and overall approaches to pool maintenance.

Our next mini-project is to pick up the furniture that we want for the new area. Then to build an area within which to perform maintenance tasks (cleaning filters, mixing chemicals, etc). This was never considered in our original planning.

Finally we’ll move on to some basic landscaping and then settle down for a while as we absorb where we are and what we think is important for our next step.

If anybody has suggestions for fun / practical purchases for a small swimming pool (12 by 28 feet) let me know…

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Parenting Fails: BUS-ted!

Even as a kid this never made sense to me. I also appreciated how the metal bar at the top of the seat ahead of you was just about perfectly positioned to remove your front teeth should the bus ever come to a sudden stop.

Michelle thinks it would cut down on bullying, but I think they’d still figure out a way to pick on one another.

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Yep, that’s a whole bunch of hail all right..

I was out inspecting the pool (hopefully the final fill up is in progress) when the storm weather came in. That hail was pretty vigorous.

The Lanai screening seemed to handle it like a champ, but I’m sure there will be houses in the neighborhood that will need their roofs replaced.

You can see the hail has collected in the trough in the enclosure below. It looks to be about 2 inches thick of marble sized hail.

One good thing about the recent rains is that I have been able to note first hand items for my punch out list including some eaves trough /drainage issues.