Shooting Water Jugs with Guns

This guy makes it seem almost cool to be Russian. Great accent and a fun little video to help eliminate the myth that you would EVER want to be on the wrong end of a gun.

It’s not until you shoot a gun for the first time that you truly realize the awesome forces at work when you squeeze that little trigger. It can be both exhilarating and terrifying at the same time.

I clearly remember the first time I shot a rifle (a .22 I believe at my uncle’s place). I even more vividly recall the first time I shot a full water jug. *That* was an eye-opening experience. When I retrieved it, the jug was inside out.

Please enjoy!

Ga. Bill Questions President Obama’s Citizenship

The South giveth and the South taketh away.  Getting rid of our backwards governor was a definite step forward (it remains to be seen whether our current governor proves to be any better), but this morning I read this article regarding a bill questioning President Obama’s citizenship.

Do our elected representatives really have nothing better to do than introduce conspiracy-inspiring / inspired bills and spend all of their time just trying to undermine the other party.

The Republicans have enough problems that they need to address within their party without pissing away their efforts on crap like this. Maybe spending some time becoming educated on, say, non-deficit budgets so the electorate can have a real choice come next election?

This kind of thing just helps Georgia appear as a suspicious backwater that’s still sulking about losing the “war of Northern Aggression”.

Get over it.