Marc’s Philosophies – 02

“If you haven’t got the time to do it right,
when will you find the time to do it over?”

This is actually the title of a book that I keep on my desk at work.

The book actually only proved moderately useful in a time management sense (at least for me), but the title is killer. Whenever I get involved in a discussion with someone who wants to do something “quick and dirty and we can circle around and do it properly later” I point to the book and ask the obvious question that is practically bursting from the cover.

I’ve had many arguments around this topic, won most, lost some (when an initiative is being driven by the wrong motivations/people) but this philosophy helps put some perspective on the effort that is about to be expended and helps to guide the thinking and planning process into more strategic pathways.

Photos from our Pre-Independence Day Company Outing

Company OutingA few of us headed out to Lake Allatoona to get a jump on the Independence Day weekend.

The crowds were nil, the water was good for tubing and skiing and the food was great!

Perfect weather for our outing too!

The goofier pictures/videos are reserved for friends and family, but most of the shots are pretty innocuous.