Jumper: A Novel by Steven Gould

JumperI chose this book because the premise sounded interesting. You can read the synopsis of the book on Amazon if you’re interested, so I won’t rehash it here. Suffice it to say that I did enjoy the fact that teleportation was almost a background aspect of the story. There was no real attempt to rationalize or explain it. The story was more about how character(s) learned to deal with this abilty.

This is not a multifaceted, complex story like “Dune” or some of my other favorites, but Steven Gould’s writing style flows so effortlessly that I couldn’t believe how quickly I raced through the book. I will be looking for more of Mr. Gould’s works in the future. I’ve already added the second Jumper book (Jumper: Griffin’s Story) to my wish list.

A satisfying, entertaining read.

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