You find some of your servers are still trying to replicate like crazy with servers you’ve removed from your Domino Domain?

Lotus Notes LogoAnd you’ve removed ALL connection documents that could be causing this and you’ve also gone and removed all traces of the obsolete servers from the events4.nsf database and from the ddm.nsf collection hierarchy? You must be running DDM my friend.

Check out this technote then from IBM / Lotus. I went through and wholesale deleted all of the docs from the hidden $vwStatus view, restarted the Event Monitor task and FINALLY the errant replication attempts have ceased.

I suppose it prevents you from messing things up by having this independent mechanism for ensuring replication rather than the DDM creating a bunch of connection documents that you could then alter and mess up. But the nonstandard replication approach is a bit of a pain to figure out initially.

I’m posting this entry here to increase the likelihood of others stumbling upon the above technote in their quest to resolve this issue.

Task Scheduler in Windows Vista Home Premium SP1

In a word, blows.

I have a backup job that uses the built-in task scheduler. Before SP1 the task scheduler would work just once and that’s it, I forget the actual failure message but I just had to stop using it. When SP1 came out I heard that many things were improved and I tried it again, it worked like a champ – or so I thought – when my machine is rebooted (maybe even when I just logoff – but I never bother doing that) subsequent runs would fail with “logon failure: unknown user name or bad password. (0x8007052E)” showing as the Last Logon result.

My Backup software is SyncBackSE, in the KB they offer up some free alternatives (I don’t really want to have to pay for something that should be part of the OS – and not be defective). I’m going to try “System Scheduler” from “splinterware software solutions”.

Problem with Firefox entering endless loop when trying to load image or PDF

I recently began having this issue and it was getting pretty annoying. This was with Firefox (most current non beta) on Vista.

It turns out that I had recently allowed Skype to install it’s add-on that highlights phone numbers to ease making calls from your computer using Skype. I came upon the solution in this discussion.

Uninstalling the Skype add-on resolved the issue for me.

Panama City Beach Pictures

Surf's up!Mich and I spent the past weekend (we made it a long weekend) in Panama City Beach.

We stayed at a condo unit at “The Origin at Seahaven“. In the pictures you can see what the unit looked like and the view that we had. “The Origin” is actually across “Front Beach Road” from the actual beach.

While there we took the opportunity to check out the Driving Range at the Holiday Golf Club, visit Angelo’s steak pit, search for sharks (found dolphins) by helicopter, visited Jimmy Buffet’s “Margaritaville” in “Pier Park”, checked out the “St. Andrews State Recreation area and stopped in at “The Boatyard” for a spot of supper.

Check out our pictures by clicking on the image at left.

Angelo’s Steak Pit

Cheers!Despite the somewhat corny advertising (“And that’s no bull!”) the food and service at Angelo’s Steak Pit are both excellent. It is *really* hard to get a steak cooked properly nowadays and I have to say that this Panama City Beach restaurant does it right.

There is a distinctively road-house look to this place, so this isn’t your typical fine-dining experience, but from the first person we met at the door through to the waitresses, everybody was warm and friendly. Service was timely and the food, from the salad (try their house dressing!) through to the buttered bread to the steak and potato were all excellently prepared.

Example of how not to take a flash pictureOur server, Amy, kept my drink filled and was at hand when we needed anything. Service like this is what makes people like me want to come back again and again.

I heartily recommend Angelo’s Steak Pit if you happen to be in Panama City Beach!

Nanny State still at it – “Let’s have a law for everything!”

Our politicians (all politicians) need a reality check.

Admittedly the issue is based in a lack of critical (reality based) thinking. Americans especially are teetering at the brink of a decline in science-educated and hence, rational people. But our entertainment and, indeed, our culture seem to be glorifying the stupid.

So it is, that when something outrageous, and exceedingly rare, occurs we are mollified by the posturing of our politicians that they appear to be “doing something” even when that “something” is either completely irrelevant to the issue or worse, layering yet another set of restrictions on our lives.

I was reading this article this morning that was instigated by an unfortunate incident where a man was hit by, wait for it, a helicopter while fetching his mail. The actual issue was the “danger” posed by listening to loud music what what needed to be “done about it”.

I’ll tell you what needs to be done. Nothing. People get preoccupied, people close their eyes, people look the wrong way sometimes and they get hurt. Ah well.. life’s lessons. If listening to loud music, and reducing or eliminating ambient sounds is a danger, then I suppose we’d better get all over those deaf folks walking around obviously in mortal danger every waking moment of their lives…