New Host for my website

After going around and around with POWWEB about the slow response of my website, I finally decided to move to a different host. Here I am at Lunarpages and the speed is blazingly fast. The acid test will be if the site is still this fast during normal business hours tomorrow.

The downside is that I still have some configuration issues to overcome, hence no pictures on the site right now. But I expect to get those kinks worked out over the next day or so. Everything else appears to be operating as per normal.

Simulation of 100 mile diameter Asteroid hitting the earth

*Updated 2007 03 17* Since figuring out how to embed videos into these posts I’m updating some of my favorites so they include this technology.

Ever wonder what it would look like if a “planet killer” sized asteroid impacted the Earth?

Well, wonder no more (be prepared, it is about 7 minutes long). It may seem a little depressing, and definitely scary. But it should serve as a reminder about exactly why we might want to continue to expand out into the solar system and, ultimately, the rest of the galaxy.

Lunar Eclipse last night

Did you get a chance to catch last night’s lunar eclipse?

There was a little bit of cloud in the sky making it somewhat hazy but you could clearly see the dark shadow of the earth on our newly risen moon.

Where I live it’s difficult to get a clear line of site to the horizon so I went out just after sunset to see the moon. By then it had risen high enough in the sky to clear the trees in the area and about 4/5ths of the moon was still dark with a hint of orange/red in the shadowed portion.

I saw a lunar eclipse when I was much younger but was fortunate enough to see it much closer to the horizon where the optical illusion of the moon appearing huge combined with the natural emphasis on the red end of the spectrum common to objects that low in the sky made for a surreal experience.

Last night’s eclipse was pretty cool and was a nice experience, it’s a nice simple experience that showcases the wonderful reality that is our planetary system.