“Currently Reading” items in the sidebar

In case you’re wondering if I have just simply forgotten the books over there. It actually does take quite a while for me to get through my books. About the only time I have to read is at night in bed just before going to sleep. I’m lucky if I can polish of 20 pages of a good novel on any given night.

And, of course, some of the drier science-fact items will take even longer than that.

Right now I’m deliberately reveling in “Judas Unchained” – I’m not going out of my way to read it very fast as I’m intent on stretching out the enjoyment for as long as I can. Mind you, at 1,234 pages it was bound to take a while in the first place.

Of course I don’t record any of the minor items that I read – Reader’s Digest, AOPA’s great magazine and the tremendous amount of information I get off of the Internet each day.

The “Suddenly Silver” – For Better or For Worse book has a lot of flashback items so is only partially interesting to me as I’ve read a LOT of the stuff before. I’ll probably just knock it off over the next week.

NASA zero-g experiments with water and air

It’s staggering how localized our experiences are in the context of the universe. Our expectations and perceptual experiences are so contingent on the Earth’s milieu that anything else seems far-fetched and surreal (which, I suppose, it is…).

I believe that a lot of the moon hoax proponents suffer from this as well. Certainly anybody creating science fiction movies has to cater to this somewhat limited view of reality.

2001: A Space Odyssey was one of the very few movies to try to express off-earth experience in a fairly realistic way. Space is… well… slow, quiet and inexorable. But it is also staggeringly fascinating and provides opportunities for artistic and inventive creativity that we can still only dimly grasp.

In this clip below from YouTube, the water droplets bouncing around inside an air bubble inside a larger water sphere offer a hint of this potential. The Antacid tablet in a water sphere following that is just simply cool. 🙂

Alarm issues with Compaq iPAQ 3955

** Update 2007-03-30 **  Just had an alarm that was supposed to go off at 7:30 pm this morning go off at 7:30 am. Checked the iPAQ  clock and see that it’s set correctly. Still gathering clues..
** end update **

I’ve had this unit for a little over 4 and a half years and it’s performed admirably for all that time. Screen is still great and battery life is still wonderful.

When the useless 2007 DST change hit I went out and found a fix on the HP site to apply that was supposed to help. What it did was correct the time on my unit but messed up every single appointment in the 3 week period between the old and new DST start dates. Fortunately I didn’t have anything scheduled in November so that won’t be an issue. I ended up manually readjusting all my entries for the affected period. The worst was the “all day events” since they bled forward a day and ended up spanning two days.

Now I’m *pretty* sure that my alarms were working after that patch. A couple of days ago I noticed that my alarms were no longer going off. Not just not sounding, but nothing –  no alert on the screen, no sound and no power light flashing.

The only change that I recall making was about a week or so ago I changed the flashing powerlight option to be “infinite” instead of whatever it was before (just flash for 10 or 15 minutes).

Today I realized that my alarms were awry so I went and changed the powerlight setting back to 10 minutes and created some test meetings. The ONLY thing that happens now is that the powerlight begins to flash. Still no screen alert or audible alarm. This makes me think that there is a bug that I’ve somehow triggered by changing this setting in the first place.

Of course I’ve reset the unit but I haven’t taken any major action yet. Also sound is working fine, I can manually play the alarm sound and it sounds great. In the settings I’ve indicated that I only want sounds for notifications and the like. It’s been like that for ages. Anybody out there who has some suggestions or ideas I’d like to hear from you.

Website back up and running great!

I finally finished my move from POWWEB to Lunarpages as my web hosting provider.

Wow! What a difference. The site virtually hums now. It’s snappy and *much* faster than it was before. Back to getting on with business as usual.

Please swing by The Gallery and peruse the pictures. They now will render in a reasonable amount of time and not at the glacial pace that they used to.

New Host for my website

After going around and around with POWWEB about the slow response of my website, I finally decided to move to a different host. Here I am at Lunarpages and the speed is blazingly fast. The acid test will be if the site is still this fast during normal business hours tomorrow.

The downside is that I still have some configuration issues to overcome, hence no pictures on the site right now. But I expect to get those kinks worked out over the next day or so. Everything else appears to be operating as per normal.