Top 12 Canadian Hotties

In a nod to Mich’s obsession with all things Canadian, here is a link to “The Top 12 Canadian Hotties“. I was quite surprised, I had no idea that Kristen Kreuk (from one of my frequently-emjoyed programs, Smallville), and Tricia Helfer from my current favorite tv show, Battlestar Galactica were Canadians. I guess you just gravitate to your roots!

See if you recognize any of the other folks on this list.

Hilton Head Golfing Weekend

Got back last night from a pleasant weekend in Hilton Head.

Mark Russom is down here for a little over a week. It only seemed natural that we would all fly out to Hilton Head to get in some golf. So on Saturday morning we took a Piper Warrior and headed out. We had great tail winds with the GPS showing our ground speed at up to 156 knots on the leg between the Dublin VOR and Hilton Head. The trip only took about one hour and a half.

This is the second time I’ve visited the Carolina Air Center FBO and the second time I’ve come away incredibly impressed with their friendliness and extraordinary customer service. Special thanks to Jennifer who patiently answered all my questions and arranged for our rental car, and to Mike who gave us a great “lay of the land” and highlighted a bunch of options that we could pursue on the island.

Hilton Head can be a hard place to navigate around, between all the private “plantations” (I’m not at all convinced that gated communities are even legal) to the obscure access to the beaches (all the beaches are “public” by the way – it’s just finding a way to get to them). But armed with the information above plus some golf reservations we knew where we were going and had no problem doing what we wanted.

Mark and I golfed at the Sea Pines – Ocean Course . This was a very nice course. We had absolutely nobody in front of us or pressuring us from behind. I suppose the 9o degree plus temperatures and 2:30 tee time may have had something to do with that :).
I had not used a GPS-equipped golf cart before either, it was really nice knowing exactly where I was in relation to the tee as well as exactly how well (or poorly) I was hitting. I can’t believe how pervasive this technology is becoming, and I mean that in the very best way!

Michelle went for a walk through the plantation and out into the “Public” area of the island. Shopping and fingering her VISA card every time something caught her eye. But restraint ruled the day (that and our luggage limit in the airplane) and I’m not sure if she ended up buying anything at all.

Timing worked out perfectly and Michelle strolled over to meet us at the 18th hole green. We then hit the hotel and headed out for dinner.

The next day we rented some bikes from “Pedals”. At $10/24 hours they were half the price of the bicycle rental place at the golf course. We took the bikes down to the beach and rode along the hard packed sand as far as we could go to the North (there is an inlet there that we didn’t feel like fording).

We grabbed a bite at the waterfront restaurant of the Marriott and then headed out onto the streets to try to make our way back to drop off the bikes. The tide had come in and we didn’t have that great sand to ride on any more.

Got to the airport by about 5 pm Sunday, used their Wi-Fi to check weather and other flight details and then headed back for Atlanta. The great tailwind that had sped us on our way to Hilton Head was now slightly diminished and was now a headwind that greatly slowed us down heading home. But about two hours and forty five minutes later we touched down at Briscoe field and then headed out for a late supper at Applebees.

Do Not Resuscitate

There have certainly been plenty of cases in the news over the past year or so about quality of life and expressing how you want to spend your last hours within your mortal coil.
Tattooing Do Not Resuscitate on your chest seems like a pretty clear statement.

Even my own Grandmother and Mother-in-law had to deal with this issue. I wonder if this approach would have made things easier? How legally binding do you suppose this is? How sorry are we that folks have to resort to this in order to make themselves understood?

Like Woody Allen said, “I’m not afraid of dying, I just don’t want to be there when it happens”.

Use FARK.COM to stay on top of current events

If you’re looking for a quickie, up-to-date view of interesting news, check out There you’ll find an ever-updating list of items tagged with suitable labels and a sardonic comment that more often than not accurately summarizes the linked-to story into one or two sentences.

For “Really Weird” items, just look for anything with the “Florida” tag…

Are Traveler’s checks dead?

I haven’t used traveler’s checks since I was in high school (back in the early ’80s for those of you counting..). I was curious whether anybody else out there still uses them.

The protection afforded by, and ubiquity of acceptance of credit cards means that there is very little need to carry cash anymore. Just enough to cover a couple of meals should you eat at hole-in-the-wall places that don’t do the credit thing?

Also, it seems that you can get a pretty good rate with your VISA card or even directly from the bank ATM’s that doing any sort of currency exchange outside of your destination country is not worth doing except to have a little money for tips for when you initially arrive.

Of course, I’m assuming that the credit cards are not maxed out. Otherwise, you’re taking such a shellacking from the interest charges that it really doesn’t matter what you do…

What do other people do?