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The following are comic books that I have read before September 2005.

Comic books have always been an important “mind relaxer” for me. I love reading, but there are times when I just want to have a something quick and fun to breeze through.

I keep my current comic book up to date on the sidebar of my blog, but here are books that I’ve read in the past in case you are interested.

Some of these are no longer available in print, but for those that are I’ve provided links to Amazon in case you are interested.

Classroom Chuckles

The Best Laughs of the Better Half  What Do You Call A Sociopath In A Cubicle?  Answer:  A Coworker  (A Dilbert Treasury)  Foxtrot:  Assembled With Care

Camp Foxtrot  Reality Check : A For Better or For Worse Collection  With This Ring: A For Better or For Worse Collection

Pushing 40: A for Better or for Worse Collection  There Goes My Baby! (A for Better Or Worse Collection)  A Look Inside... For Better or for Worse (10th Anniversary)

Remembering Farley  It\'s All Downhill From Here (For Better Or for Worse Collection)  If This Is A Lecture, How Long Will It Be ? : A For Better or For Worse Collection

Is This One Of Those Days Daddy?  It Must Be Nice To Be Little  The Last Straw: A For Better or For Worse Collection

I\'ve Got the One-More-Washload Blues : A For Better or for Worse Book  Keep the Home Fries Burning : A For Better or for Worse Collection  Sherman's Lagoon : Ate That, What's Next?

Poodle: The Other White Meat: The Second Sherman\'s Lagoon Collection  FoxTrot the Works  Wildly FoxTrot : A FoxTrot Treasury

Enormously FoxTrot  FoxTrot Beyond a Doubt  Assorted Foxtrot

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